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Agile development practices offer tangible benefits in productivity and quality by rapidly addressing issues, responding to new opportunities, and meeting volatile customer demands while focusing on continuous improvement through an iterative approach. The success of Agile depends on solid teams and every team member needs to be well versed with its concepts and tools. Increasing demand for Agile professionals has made Agile & Scrum courses very popular, and Knoweldgeplan’s Agile and Scrum training is a great way to get started on your agile career. Knoweldgeplan’s Agile and Scrum training with its focus on Agile development and Scrum practices will teach you to harness complex processes and apply Scrum techniques for project success. With hands-on practice sessions and a comprehensive theory, you will be ready to initiate the Agile transformation in your project and your organization.



The world is turning Agile, and organizations that have adopted or want to adopt Agile are in need of qualified professionals who have the skills to bring about this transformation. Knoweldgeplan’s course will help you usher in the Agile mindset, by starting right from the basics and moving towards the advanced. By the end of this course, you would have gained enough knowledge to align traditional project management to the agile route. What you will learn:
Understand why Agile works better than the traditional project development methodologies Understand the reasons why the Agile approach is so well suited for software development projects Understand how adopting Agile increases business value Learn the four-phase approach of Concept-Initiate-Deliver-Deploy Through examples of real projects, understand the organizational and people challenges and opportunities that the Agile approach brings to the solution development process.


This course can be taken by:

•   Project Managers
•   Developers
•   Product Owners
•   Managers-Software development
•   Architects-Software development
•   Product Managers
•   Software Developers
•   Software Coders
•   Software Testers
•   Team Leads/Team Members/anyone interested in working and thinking in an Agile manner and/or learning more about the Principles of Scrum and leading Agile projects

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•   Basic introductory course on Agile and Scrum
•   1 day or 8 hours workshop conducted by certified instructors
•   Real-world simulations and hands-on exercises for learning reinforcement
•   Lifetime free access to our e-learning modules
•  Course completion certificate
•   8 PDUs to maintain the credentials
•   Exam And Certification
•   After the class, participants will be given a course Completion Certificate from KNOWELDGEPLAN. They will receive a soft copy of the certificate by email.

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