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Project Management Training

This course enhances project management competencies with a focus on value-adding activities to increase the effectiveness of projects. The course is essential for project managers or experienced practitioners who want to further refine their project management.



Knoweldgeplan brings you Project Management Techniques, a comprehensive and interactive workshop that is an introduction to Modern Project Management and ideal for anyone who is new to the profession or needs a refresher in best practices. Project Management is all about being efficient and effective and in this workshop you will learn the concepts, techniques and processes that will help you lead projects successfully and motivate your team. In the course we find how project management enables organizational outcomes in terms of project selection, initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling. What you will learn: Determine goals, objectives, and requirements of a project Understand planning: what it does and does not do Create a precedence network diagram to determine early and late schedules Analyze the critical path and explore duration compression options How to use Gantt and Milestone charts Implement and maintain performance measurement baselines Establish guidelines for successful closeout Apply general management skills to projects

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•  8 hours intensive training on Project Management techniques
•  Learn the managerial concepts and techniques that will help you deliver results
•  Be a more effective and efficient manager
•  Learn through hands on practical exercises
•  Let course completion certificate

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